What exactly is ethical clothing?

What is ethical clothing?

What is ethical clothing?

What is ethical clothing..? Is it another buzz word like sustainability? Lets learn what ethical clothing is all about and why it is important to choose ethical clothing over fast fashion. We’ll also look at a few key differences between sustainable and ethical fashion. 

To produce a piece of ethical clothing involves a design, community, materials, values and respect of all the people within the supply chain. Ethical fashion is designing and producing clothes in a way that cares for people who make our garments, while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

There is a common myth about ethical clothing, it is only described as how the labour is treated and paid in the manufacturing process. Although it is primarily to consider the whole supply chain from the process of making a sustainable design to choosing sustainable fabrics that use less water and that uses less toxic chemicals, and making the garment reusable or biodegradable by the end of its lifecycle while respecting and caring for our community and environment.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability in the fashion industry mainly focuses on environmental impacts of the materials that are chosen to make the garments and designing a garment that has less environmental impact or leaving no waste on the planet. Fashion brands are slowly adapting to the sustainable approach and coming up with strategies that leave less of a carbon footprint on the planet by using more sustainably natural and recyclable materials and also looking into energy reduction processes and low waste packaging which does not include heavy usage of plastics.  Not only are brands are thinking this way. A recent study shows that there is a huge shift in consumer behaviour customers are learning to become more conscious about their choices. According to this research article's common objective, google searches for “sustainable fashion” have grown 46% & “ethical fashion'' 25% in the past few years.


What is the key difference between sustainable clothing & ethical clothing:

When brands say that they make ethical clothing, it doesn't always have to mean they are environmentally sustainable and sustainably made is not always ethical. It is important to note that ethics and sustainability don't always have to come together in the fashion industry. Gandhi once said, 

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”

or the other way it does not have to destroy the planet even though it's ethically made, especially when billions of garments are produced each year.

Fashion is huge and complex, especially when ethical clothing and sustainability is mixed in. It is really hard to decide, if it is best to buy an ethically made garment or sustainable cotton garment not knowing if it is ethically made. The good news is that fashion brands are slowly changing and brands are becoming more transparent about their supply chain and giving their customer more details about their values and ethics. This makes it easier for the consumer to make a right decision and worry less about their impact on the planet.

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