Got a question about hemp fabric?

Frequently asked questions about hemp fabric

Wash care instructions for the clothes?
Machine wash gentle cold or dry clean
Don't tumble dry, tumble dry low if required
Easy to Iron in low
Wash separately & Wash dark colour clothes separately 

Does your colours bleed?
Our dyes do not bleed, but we ask our customers to wash dark colour separately for the first time, just to be sure.

What is hemp fabric made out of?

Our organic hemp fabric is made from the fibres of industrial hemp or cannabis sativa. Hemp is one of the worlds oldest fibres, approximately dating back to 8,000 BC. Hemp was first discovered and used in early civilizations like Asia, Middle East and China,. Our hemp fabric is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

What is organic hemp fabric?

Hemp plant is one of the rare plants that is grown in most sustainable way. Hemp doesn't need gallons of water to grow and requires almost no pesticides.

How does hemp fabric feel like?
Hemp feels & appears similar to linen at first glance, but it feels much more softer than linen. Another good thing about hemp is, the fabric gets soft after each wash and feels even more softer.

Will the hemp fabric shrink?
The hemp linen fabric is already washed before stitch, so they don't shrink 

Can you Iron hemp fabric?
Hemp is effortlessly easy to iron. Tip - We Strongly recommend to steam iron for best results.

Hemp fabric vs linen fabric?
Hemp and linen appear & feel to be the same at first glance. Both Hemp & Linen are Lightweight, breathable & become deliciously soft after each wash. Both hemp & linen are one of the world's oldest and sustainable fabrics. Unlike linen, Hemp is Hemp fabric is more durable, naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and resistant to mold.

Is hemp better than cotton?
Hemp is much more sustainable as a plant than cotton. Hemp requires 90% less water to grow and no pesticides required when compared to cotton. Hemp as a fabric is much more breathable& Stronger than cotton.

Some good qualities of hemp fabric?

Like wine, Hemp&Linen gets luxurious with age and becomes softer after every wash. 
Hemp is mould and mild dew resistant
Hemp is a breathable fabric, some of our ladies claim that hemp feels much softer than linen!

Suitable styles for plus size women?
IKYA dress in White and Navy
MUDRA top in Natural and Navy  
We are working on with our manufacturers to get more bigger sizes in other styles. 

Do you have sets?
We do have hemp sets, but you can also mix and match all our tops with our bottoms.

Will people get high by wearing our hemp clothes?
Yes, we get this question asked quite often. But, our answer is ‘’Hemp only gets high on your values” 😉

Does the fabrics crease?
Hemp fabric do get creased but much less compared to linen fabric. We have noticed and our customers also felt that hemp creases much less and do not require iron after few washes. How good is that!

How good is hemp for the environment?
The world’s oldest (and wisest) natural fibre, hemp fabric is made from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant and is one of the most environmentally friendly natural fibres. Strong and breathable, hemp keeps you fresh and dry while getting softer after each wash. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Producing hemp is a carbon negative process that uses a lot less water  than cotton and no chemicals. To top it off, the plant detoxifies and enriches the soil it’s planted in. Pretty amazing, hey?