Soft & durable

Much stronger than cotton, hemp get softer after each wash


Keeps you fresh & dry

Naturally breathable & 

Resistant to UV

Hemp have a high resistance to the sun’s harmful rays


Easy care & retains shape

HEMP is machine washable and anti-shrink


100% Biodegradable

HEMP is 100% compostable 



Hemp's potent activity against specific bacteria and fungal strains, as well possessing a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity.⁣ These hypoallergenic qualities makes hemp great on sensitive skin 


No Microplastics 

Plant based products only release natural compounds. 


100% Renewable

Hemp is are harvestable in as little as 100 days


Uses less water

HEMP grows with very less water without depleting the fresh water resources


Absorbs Carbon 

Industrial hemp has been shown to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop.


No pesticides or chemical fertilisers  

HEMP requires NO pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers to grow. . Hemp is also a natural weed suppressant, naturally out-competing and shading-out the weeds in its environment. ⁣


Vegan Friendly

HEMP is one of the world's most eco friendly vegan fabric